Current Observatory Status

We plan to start hosting small star gazing groups starting the end of April.  These gatherings will be limited to just one group at a time.  It would be good but not required if everyone in your group is vaccinated.  The groups can be family members, close friends or classmates and we will limit mixing with un-vaccinated outsiders.  Everyone needs to wear masks.  The group size needs to be limited to 12 people because of the Covid separation requirements and only 6 people will be allowed in the dome at a time.  Also, we will be open just three or four nights a week because of limited volunteers.

If you have tried to book a reservation through our on line booking schedule and your booking was listed as pending please be patient.  We will contact you to see if we can accommodate your visit based on the booking criteria listed above.  Your booking request will be answered based on the date your request was made.

As conditions improve we hope to be able to accommodate more visitors.  We are also doing our best to recruit more volunteers which directly effects are ability to host star gazing groups. This summer we plan to return to our monthly star gazing parties and continue our monthly Estes Valley Astronomical Society meeting and scientific lecture series.  But, for now, the safety of our visitors and volunteers is our number one priority  We apologize for any inconvenience.  If conditions change we will update this notice.

Welcome to the Estes Park Memorial Observatory On-line

The Estes Park Memorial Observatory (EPMO) is a community resource dedicated to fostering scientific education of children in Estes Park and serving as an educational venue for the community and visitors.   EPMO holds events throughout the year in conjunction with the local school system, the Estes Valley Astronomical Society and the Rocky Mountain National Park.

The observatory schedules private and group viewing sessions and hosts educational lectures on astronomy, cosmology, astrophotography and special astronomical events such as comet fly-bys and more! We also have fun on going projects like our Human Sundial Project. EPMO is currently offering  opportunities for volunteers. Just contact us to get involved and learn about our sky along the way! Can’t help? Donate to our Estes Park Observatory and come visit anytime!

See our Schedule to book your viewing and/or see what is coming up soon!

The Estes Park Memorial Observatory Goals:

  • To interest kids K-12th grade in math, physics and science.
  • To use astronomy as a tool to accomplish these goals.
  • To make learning a fun experience.
  • To promote critical thinking about really big things.


See more about our observatory equipment and learn more about observatory.

Donations can now be made on-line to EPMO! Thanks to our past and future donors.